hypanis.ru 31 | May | 2009 | Autonomous Housing

The Amazing CNY

I have a lot to say about the green revolution.  It is really a design revolution based on the mapped out patterns seen by Bucky Fuller.

I will lay out on this blog why we are the right people at the right place and in the right time.

We are really in a nexus of these three events (people place and time) and with free will we have the choice to decide where we are going to go.

This is not just paddle.  I will back it up with facts and reason.

For those who want to jump ahead to the actual practical parts please see Woodhenge.

For those who want to see reasons in a broader sense see the Cradle to Cradle talk at TED.

I will be listing out the reasons that I believe that Central New York has the ability to be the seed in a super saturated environment.

Those that are familiar with chemistry this is the type of thing I’m talking about.

I hope you are well and I will get back to blogging as I can.  I plan to talk a little about myself and the wonders of CNY and a plan for the future.