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Wind & Weather has great gifts for the holidays

Wind and Weather Weather Instrument GuideI am so excited about this company—Wind & Weather . If you’re a “weather wizard” or are like me and just want to know what to wear so you’re not freezing tomorrow, this company has some really cool stuff!

We bought my parents a weather station for the Holidays a few years ago. They love that thing so much that they take it back & forth to Florida each year. I like it because it’s simple to read-it shows PICTURES of the predicted weather so you don’t really even have to “read”it. Wind & Weather even has one for kids suggesting what they should wear!

My First Weather Station from Wind & Weather

My First Weather Station from Wind & Weather

Love it, love it, love it! Did I say I love it? Wish they had this when we were kids.

Anyway, if you are VERY into weather, like Wayne Mahar and Doppler the Cat here in Syracuse, be sure the check out Wind & Weather’s higher tech professional instruments. Very impressive, though it would take me a while to be able to read ANYTHING off one of those. Al, you were good at Earth Science in high school. I think I need an interpreter!!