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CNY Plantagon, Wow.

Hey, Al here,

Just doing a quick post.  Check out this project.  But don’t stop there.  Look at the business plan.  Actually take a quick look and see how the business is set up.  It is forward thinking.



Hey It’s Billy the Goat. (and it’s YouTube embedded for the first time too!)

Hey it is Billy the Goat.  This is a video of Billy the Goat from work.  Matt Redmond, my boss (very cool) and Director of Training at NYSWDA is here introducing him.

This also marks my 1st posting of an embedded YouTube video.  I know that may not sound like much but learning the blogging scene, updating the blog (thanks T2), getting a YouTube channel and so on…  is a good benchmark to reach.

Karen and I want to be able to reach out to you our friends and friends we haven’t met yet,  to share our experiences on all things ‘Autonomous’ (that is another post).

The good nature of this is that we have a flip and another small video camera and we are making the flow from thought (vision)  to useful shared thought ~ as streamlined as possible.

All the Best,


Autonomous Living

Wind & Weather has great gifts for the holidays

Wind and Weather Weather Instrument GuideI am so excited about this company—Wind & Weather . If you’re a “weather wizard” or are like me and just want to know what to wear so you’re not freezing tomorrow, this company has some really cool stuff!

We bought my parents a weather station for the Holidays a few years ago. They love that thing so much that they take it back & forth to Florida each year. I like it because it’s simple to read-it shows PICTURES of the predicted weather so you don’t really even have to “read”it. Wind & Weather even has one for kids suggesting what they should wear!

My First Weather Station from Wind & Weather

My First Weather Station from Wind & Weather

Love it, love it, love it! Did I say I love it? Wish they had this when we were kids.

Anyway, if you are VERY into weather, like Wayne Mahar and Doppler the Cat here in Syracuse, be sure the check out Wind & Weather’s higher tech professional instruments. Very impressive, though it would take me a while to be able to read ANYTHING off one of those. Al, you were good at Earth Science in high school. I think I need an interpreter!!

The Amazing CNY

I have a lot to say about the green revolution.  It is really a design revolution based on the mapped out patterns seen by Bucky Fuller.

I will lay out on this blog why we are the right people at the right place and in the right time.

We are really in a nexus of these three events (people place and time) and with free will we have the choice to decide where we are going to go.

This is not just paddle.  I will back it up with facts and reason.

For those who want to jump ahead to the actual practical parts please see Woodhenge.

For those who want to see reasons in a broader sense see the Cradle to Cradle talk at TED.

I will be listing out the reasons that I believe that Central New York has the ability to be the seed in a super saturated environment.

Those that are familiar with chemistry this is the type of thing I’m talking about.

I hope you are well and I will get back to blogging as I can.  I plan to talk a little about myself and the wonders of CNY and a plan for the future.

Autonomous Housing at SUNY Oswego

Well it was wonderful to meet and talk to the students at SUNY Oswego last Friday.

It looks like we are going to set up a trip to Woodhenge this weekend if people are interested.

The Autonomous Housing Autonomous Living site has been redesigned and is just now getting some legs to it.

Speaking of Legs.  Check out this link http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/theo_jansen_creates_new_creatures.html

Talk to you soon,

All the Best.

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